Saturday, May 17, 2008

Standing at the Crossroads

I am about to attend perhaps the last graduation of one of my daughters--a law school graduation. And she is about to enter a new phase of her life--a full-time worklife, and building her own family life. Looking back and forwards at the same time, there is a rich perspective ahead and behind. But there is something disconcerting about this time of finishing old paths and starting anew.

As culture and counter culture icons of my era pass into the obituary pages, I see a country somewhat divided by age in its outlook, its entertainment, and its politics (the craving for change and experience clashing at times). We value youth and apply creams (and sometimes cosmetic surgery) to keep everyone young. It works to a point, but it does not seem to unite young and old to value each other and treasure each others experiences, and outlooks. Something better--some better bridging of generations--is needed. It may be that we need to attract better leaders, and icons, but, in the end, it is something that we all need to work at. Using the internet, people can break down some of the barriers, but more can be done to bridge divides and cross aisles and reach beyond past, present, and future. It is time to do even small things to better understand and value each others views, and experiences. I welcome your ideas; to be continued...