Saturday, October 20, 2012

Music and Life

When a friend asked on Facebook what music performer, song, or words had the most impact on your life, I jumped into the breach, since it was a great topic, but at the same time, it gave me great pause. The friend's picks were Bob Dylan and Neil Young, who would be near the top of my list too.  But so would the Beatles, as a group and individually, and so would the Stones, Beach Boys, and the Kinks, and many other groups already named in response to his post

In reality, there are literally thousands of artists and groups near the top of my list, because I love to listen to my favorites and to also discover new favorites. I love many kinds (and genres) of music and love to combine them and break through them, as well. Music for me is a world of disc-overies (a small pun intended) built to help with and enhance any mood and any joy, and any problem and any solution. It is never static and always being remade and reinvented in the way that Bob Dylan is always reinventing and remaking each of his songs in concert. Dylan, supposedly, never listens to recorded versions of his songs because they are only a version at one point in time. 

To get back to the question, music as a dynamic and creative form of art is what has had a great impact on my life.