Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In the Middle Off to the Side of the Great Salt Lake

I hope you do not mind me sharing some nighttime thoughts of that recent visit to Salt Lake City: I spent many lifetimes walking the flat, and clean, yet somewhat sterile, ten-wagon wheel-wide streets of the Salt Lake City with the snow-capped mountain tops pointing upwards towards the new beginnings, yet undiscovered; a background border line of hope beckoning in the distance among the church spires aspiring.

The people were warm and friendly, yet I overheard the joy-lessened lives and bad-lucked conversations of the many homeless men and women sitting or lying about their street-lined homes that we were passing through to get to somewhere where they were not always welcome, I tried to cross those boundaries, but the visit was a little too short to knock down all of the walls that still separated us. There is the hope of the next time and the minutes and hours after that,

P.S.  I tried to post the pictures that I took of Salt Lake City, but they did really see what I saw.