Friday, October 31, 2008


The sound of Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson is a mix of melodic classical and electronic textures in his latest album, Fordlandia. The end result is gentle sounds that push you slowly towards an end of silence with some piano and waftings of strings… Is this a new wave for classical music?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruach (Spirit ) Overflowing With A Few Disappointments On the Side

It was a wedding filled with the high spirits and energy of the celebrants, the calm warmth of the rabbi, the sparks of the dancers and the band spilling over, and the joy of a couple who have a sparkle in their eyes and smiles on their faces. And I will not forget their songs and dances. They are (or seem to be) happier than the sum of their individual happinesses.

The ceremony started with a calm procession of clear sentiments and warm blessings with the seven trips around the groom, and the seven sheva Brachot, and ending with a warmly sung blessing and the breaking of the glass.

There was a joy pervading on Sunday with just a few exceptions--I am convinced that there always will be. For example, there were some great and some not so great table assignments.
But shouldn't everyone be able to shake their disappointments and pick up on the spirit and joy of the occasion and of the celebrants? Maybe or may be not. Maybe I am asking too much. Did they understand what went into this, I may ask myself. But should they? No.

There were the people who were so delighted to be there. And then there were those who did not seem to care too much or at least enough to come. There were my disappointments for the people, including some cousins who could not attend for good or non-reasons. We had 230 or so people present, so I cannot be greedy for the other 100 or so who did not come. They did not come from as far as Germany and from as close as around the corner.

But what happened to the cousins, some of whom did not even answer or answered with a silent abruptness (no reason given)?

We tried to plan an event that family and friends would like. And it did indeed turn out so well.

But who are we to judge except through some feelings of disappointment. Would they have shared in parts of the joyous time that was there for the taking--they probably would have. But they did not try or they did try, and maybe tried hard to be there. But I will never know for sure, nor should I. And so, it was not meant to be for them. I must give them the benefit of the doubt and not judge. And hope that they can some time rejoin the ongoing celebration already in progress.

Overall, from the viewpoint of the father of the bride, it was a big success--more joy and warm feelings than I could have ever expected. My mother, two sisters, and two aunts could be there and share in the joy. And for all of that and all of the other guests who could attend, I am eternally grateful.