Saturday, August 22, 2009

Roads Not Taken

On a recent trip to California, we visited the great city life in San Fran, the winding and wonderful and sometimes foggy coastal highway, and the coastal town of Santa Monica that proclaims its non-east life style. We had the pleasure of reuniting with several people from whom we drifted apart over forty years, and made a pilgrimage to Dodgers' Stadium, the non-Brooklyn home of the ballteam of my childhood--only the announcer and part of the uniform had stayed the same.

The star of the trip was a very hospitable cousin who made the last part of the trip warm and work well. All parts of the trip were peaceful, pleasant, and enjoyable. We fit nicely into all of it and all of the past friends fit us nicely into their lives for a short time. We came back to the east richer for the times we had with the places, teams, and persons who drifted away from us--we came back with a greater appreciation of what attracts people to the West Coast.

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