Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy B-Day Mister Bobster

As Bob turns a cool 69 today, he does appear to be "younger than that now." As I am traveling on a wifi bus from NY to DC on the free and open road, Bob's contributions are opening before me and they have been vast. He has added to my sense of freedom, and openness, and smoothed out a perspective so that I do not take things too seriously--"it's life and life only."

He has explored so many types of American music from folk to rock to country to gospel to swing and to all things in between. For a couple of years, he has been opening up doors to many additional known and little-known artists and types of music on his Radio Hour, which features his velvety smooth, man for all eras, DJ voice (I never thought I would be saying "velvety smooth" in the same sentence with Dylan's voice).

I have not agreed with every step he has taken, but, in retrospect, he is often bold and resourceful, and he keeps reinventing himself in a way that is incredibly fresh ("those not busy being born, are busy dying"). He never plays the same song in the same way--and in that way he explores the dynamic nature of music and life, and keeps adding to the bag of human emotions, that we pull our thoughts from. Happy birthday Mister Bobster; we wish you many more years of being born.

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