Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life As a Government Official

This is a fable that is sometimes (and maybe most times) true; I was a government official who advised some of our political and non-political officials and staffs with a calm that often attacked (and sometimes) tamed the semi-wilderness chaos of overwork, endless issues, sometimes ragged emotions, and frayed nerves.  The official tried to apply his calm and experience of many years, too many to count, in a non-partisan way to help solve the numbers of knotty problems that he faced in multiples of e-mails, calls, and meetings every day and night.

The calm helped (at times) bring order to the chaos of the political and non-political tensions and sensations of an election year, and the before and after.  The calm of friendliness and a sense of humor often kept the atmosphere light, and made it a little easier to solve problems, because they became a little softer and less rigid.  He filled the meetings and calls with smiles and laughter, and helped bring to try to bring peace to all of the floors of his building and outside of the building as he greeted the passersby of history who endlessly toured the city of government and monuments on foot, on buses, bicycles and segways (which is a good transition into the timelessness of a government center that always has a job to do, solving the peoples' problems and issues).

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