Monday, May 16, 2016

Teaching Me Out of My Comfort Zone

A week ago was Teachers Appreciation Week, and I thought about the teachers who were so important in my development and still are so important to me. Last year, near Paterson, my home town, I had the privilege of honoring the teacher who was most influential in my life. In the blog posted today, on the Department of Education’s web site, I share my thoughts of that event and what that teacher, Moe Liss, meant to me. The blog is at:
I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you think about the most influential teacher or teachers in your life, and how we can honor and support those teachers, and other teachers who have such a critical role to play in the lives of students of all ages.
Teachers can be so important to each to each and every one of us and help us find our potential for a meaningful life. But they are often taken for granted and not given the praise, respect, support, training, and remuneration that they deserve.
I also think today of my late Aunt Ruth Bloom, an excellent third grade reading teacher in Paterson, who also played a large part in my education along with my parents, my whole family, and my friends from whom I am still learning. Here’s to all of the great teachers out there.

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