Sunday, June 30, 2019

The 50th Commemoration of a Miracle: Blimey its Baseball Take 2

Blimey, it's baseball--Take Two: While it was a banner day for baseball in London Stadium yesterday (and once again today), yesterday was also the day NYC commemorated the 50th anniversary of a true baseball miracle--the Amazing '69 Mets taking on all odds to beat the heavily-favored Orioles.
After a divisive set of events in the rebellious 60's (losing some of our greatest heroes to violent backlash), an unlikely band of rag-tag, unevenly talented, but high-spirited athletes representing a split-riden Gothamtown, swept to a unlikely five-game World Series victory. The "gotta to believe" heroes, aligned with a launch to and walk on the moon rallied a city and much of our country to believe in itself once again.
Maybe, one day we will have a true world series that will rally and unite the world.

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